Chop-chop, MongoDB! Leveraging indexes power. Part 1

As you may know, PostgreSQL provides you four index types: B-tree, Hash, GiST and GIN. They all named the way that if you don’t know ’em you’ll never get which one do you need. In MongoDB indexes are named in a more human-readable way. Here they are:
1. Single field index.
2. Compound index.
3. Multikey index.
4. Text index.
5. Hashed index.
6. 2dsphere, 2d, geoHaystack indexes.

Since I’m using Mongo for more than a year now, I worked with few of them and will elucidate you the most commonly used ones.

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Introduction to Terraform. Terraform + Github

Not a long time ago I had no idea about what is the tool named Terraform. It was just beyond my bounds of interests and problems. But a month ago I changed a company and then had to deal with it. And guys, it’s wow. It’s so amazing thing so I even started liking DevOps job.

In few words it’s a tool to do infrastructure as a code. As they say on their website “Terraform enables you to safely and predictably create, change, and improve production infrastructure”.

In this post, I’ll cover why may you (as a developer or a DevOps) need it and how to get started. Getting started will be not just a hello world, but a real example, you can try right away.

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Brief introduction to complexity notations of algorithms (Big-O and other)

Currently I’m in process of reading a big book about algorithms. And there is a small thing I want to share.
A lot of people has no clue what is the O(n) or O(log n). Just because they don’t need it right now, or skipper this lecture in University or whatever. But among those who know usually the big “O” is the only thing they know. But actually there are some more complexity notations and I’m going to share some brief information about them.

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Arabic numbers to Roman Kata (Ruby)

Hey guys!

I wasn’t here for a while. For those who don’t know, I closed Racoons Group and now working as a senior backend developer in a nice company in Germany.

So that’s the reason why I didn’t post anything for a long time. But now I’m ready to make a small note about a nice thing I’ve never heard before. It’s extremely old, I read about it in Uncle Martin’s book, and it’s even wasn’t invented by him. This thing is Kata. In programming term, definitely.

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Помощь людям и хакатон

Пост про мое первое мобильное приложение Help Forward.
Кому не интересно читать про хакатон и технические штуки, мотайте до значков ===========.
Побывал на своем первом труъ-хакатоне, Angelhack. До этого участвовал в хакатонах, но более локальных, внутри компаний. Когда же на хакатоне трудится 21 команда и все дело происходит в суперском (хотя и совершенно пустом) иннополисе – это очень захватывающе. Сразу получаешь +10 к интеллекту.

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