JS on Backend in 2018. Tutorial. Part 3. Relationships and Sequelize ORM tuning.

Hello, my dear, today we will dive deeper into the abyss of ORM configuration.

We will add one more resource, set a relationship between this one and the one we already had after this post¬†and will cover some useful tuning options. Spoiler: we will even change a bit the old one. So, fasten your seatbelts, let’s start!

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JS on Backend in 2018. Tutorial. Part 2. Adding a database and Sequelize ORM.

After the previous post, our application server works, can receive requests and even return some kind of responses, which is already great and you can go into production with it! But probably it would make sense to add some more functionality to it. And in this post, we will integrate a database and implement a RESTful API.

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Amazon Lambda + API Gateway introduction

Hi everyone,
I just started AWS Learning Sessions in the company, I’m currently working in, and want to share with you our first lesson.
We have built small Lambda function, named Greeter, and integrated it to the AWS API Gateway.
If you want to get started with this tools and get some hands-on experience – this article will help you.

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