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July 22, 2018

Go for Rubyists. Part 8. Concurrency in Go, Ruby and Elixir

Hey folks, hope you had a great weekend and it’s time to learn something new! Today we will observe the concurrency topic, and since it’s not such a fair comparison for Ruby, who’s forte is definitely not a concurrency, I will add Elixir to today’s article. However, still, since the series is about Go, the main focus will be on it. Don’t expect performance comparison, I believe it’s not fair to compare these languages since they all have slightly different focuses.

June 29, 2018

Golang for Rubyists. Part 7. Ruby and Golang, methods comparison

Hello, my dear friends. We all love Ruby (you too, right?) for its expressiveness and a set of useful methods out of the box. It would be a pleasure if when start using a new language, you had the similar methods or at least familiar ways to achieve same goals. Let’s try to pick a few useful methods from Ruby and find out, are there any equivalents in Golang for them.